Projects and future works

As you have read on the Introduction page, I had been participating in the translation of a famous guide. It is the ISK the guide. Official webpage is here:
This guide, created by veteran players, had been released firstly in Hungarian language. It is more than 400 pages long, about how to play EVE Online. As it is a very complex game, this guide is more than necessary to know the basic steps.
As this guide became very famous among the Hungarian players, a small group assembled and they had done the translation into English. I had joined this group at the very last phase, at the final polishing work. The guide was donwloaded by more than 300,000 players.   
However, the editor in chief asked me to translate the second part of this guide, which is based not on technical data and facts but veteran players’ experiences. As my translation is very reliable and fast, the work was done within just a few months.
EVE Online is an award winner MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), the players are from around the world from America, Europe, Asia, more than half a million. The Hungarian version of the second guide is already done and I’m the only one who is working on the English version.
Once this project is done, I will try to find a proofreader partner to polish my translation of my Silent Hill book. The target not the Hungarian Silent Hill fans but all of them around the world. It will probably be a good welcome since, as I mentioned in Introduction chapter, this is the one and only Silent Hill book (there are short novels, comic books, etc. but nobody wrote complete book so far). I hope the more than 1 million fans just on facebook will give my book a warm welcome.